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Celine, Bernadette or Jean-François are strangled by claims they can not repay. Celine, a mother, was expelled from her apartment. Now he lives with his mother. Unemployed, he receives 755 euros a month. But she has 8,000 euros for unpaid rent. How to repay them?

Bernadette and Jean-François, specialized educators, must 225,000 euros. Real estate debt, but also many consumer loans contracted for ten years. They hope for the partial cancellation of their debt. They'll win?

In court, the debt is canceled every two cases

Alain, 53, has a permanent contract. His debt is his home, which has lost half its value in fifteen years. Alain owes 294,000 euros (mortgage and interest). Will you avoid the seizure of your home and auction?

All these cases of over-indebtedness will be judged in court and to the nearest cent. In France, almost every second file leads to debt cancellation, ie 1.7 billion euros each year.

A report by Thomas Raguet, Jean-Charles Guichard and Emmanuel Lejeune, broadcast in "Special Envoy" on 6 December 2018. .


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