Video: A tiny bikini cheats on Chiquis Rivera exposing her breasts


Chiquis Rivera let the cameras of "I riveras"He will accompany you on his bachelorette party that took place in Las Vegas. The" Animate and You Vedrà "interpreter traveled with a group of friends where they met rather than could.

During one of the scenes of the reality show, now wife of Lorenzo Mendez He had an incident in costume that left one of his bubi uncovered. Chiquis was walking down some stairs with his friends to go to a pool party.

It was at that moment that the famous one noticed that her tiny bikini had betrayed her.

"My bubi came out," he said when he made the accident.

Chiquis told the cameras that this is not the first time something like this has happened.

"I've always had a problem with my right breast. They are called Betty and Boop. Betty always wants to leave. He always wants to say goodbye. Lorenzo hates it. "

"The Riveras" airs every Sunday at 10 pm / 9c from Universe.

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