[Video] Air emergency due to mid-flight engine destruction – FM


Although the plane is the safest means of transport, many people they are afraid to move in this means of transport and try to avoid it. that The aerophobia could increase when there is an episode of danger on board an airplane.

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Today, the passengers of an airplane that filmed while destroying the engine of the aircraft they were traveling in were destroying that phobia condition today.

This episode occurred on board a Airbus 320 shortly after took off from McCarran International Airport.

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After realizing what was happening, the crew started the entire emergency protocol and brought the emergency back to the starting point.

"The the engine continued to operate normally and the aircraft, an Airbus A320, has landed well, "said the airline Frontier in a statement.

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On board planes that have had this contingency have traveled 166 users from Las Vegas to Florida.



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