Video: Berlin Bluecaps win European Quidditch Championship


This is what winners look like: The Berlin Bluecaps were winners of the European Quidditch Championship on Sunday in Warsaw, Poland. (Atmo) “The winner of the EQC 2019 Division 2 are Berlin Bluecaps.” And for all those who have not heard of the magician Harry Potter and literature, here is the sport that has sprung from the imagination of author Joanne K. Rowling. There, however, is performed on flying brooms in the air. The terrestrial variation looks like this: A mixed gender full contact sport that combines elements of rugby, handball and dodgeball. Referee and player of the Berlin Blue Caps, Nicolas Hirst: “Basically it's a game with body contact and a lot of speed, similar to basketball, sprinting is very important and you also need a good tactical understanding of the game.” At this European Quidditch championship, there was a German-German final on Sunday. There, Looping Lux Leipzig and the Bluecaps Berlin faced each other. But there were a total of 16 teams at the start. Among others from Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Great Britain, Ireland, the Netherlands, Sweden and Switzerland.


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