Video Conferences: Tesla Chef Announces Future Functionality for Tesla Models on Twitter | 05/17/20

Elon Musk talks on Twitter that certain Tesla models will be equipped with a function that will enable video conferencing in the future. This would repeatedly set Tesla standards in terms of innovation and expand the feature portfolio of its vehicles.

• Elon Musk announces new feature for Tesla vehicles
• Video conferences via the on-board computer
• Unlimited possibilities thanks to software updates

Elon Musk talks about new features

Home office was yesterday, in future it could be called car office for Tesla drivers, at least that’s what a Twitter short message from Tesla CEO Elon Musk suggests. When the user ´Tesla Owners Silicon Valley´ tweeted whether video conferencing will eventually be possible in a Tesla, the manager replied, “Yeah, definitely a future feature”.

Tesla has been a pioneer in the industry among car manufacturers for electric vehicles since the company was founded and has been able to impress with innovative innovations ever since.

For owners of a Tesla, their own car could soon serve as a conference room for video switching, especially in times of the corona virus, companies increasingly rely on this type of communication. Thanks to the option, undisturbed video conferences could also be held in the future on business trips or in everyday life, regardless of location. Here, the large display of the Tesla vehicles would be a great advantage over smaller smartphone or tablet screens.

The necessary hardware is already available

In order to be able to implement this, the Tesla electric vehicles would only have to be equipped with a suitable software update, because the hardware required is already standard in many models of the manufacturer.

For example, the Model 3 already has a camera integrated in the rearview mirror, which could accordingly be used for image transmission during video conferences. This means that the vehicles would not have to be converted extensively.

The possibility of video conference in the Tesla would of course only be used when the car is stationary.

However, Musk’s statement does not indicate when this feature will actually appear.

Countless features already exist

Tesla recently added to the functions of the camera in question, making it possible to create dashcam videos with it and call it up directly on the built-in display. Previously, the camera in the rear view mirror had no function and was ultimately only installed for the purpose of future updates like this.

With the conference function, the company would add another feature to its own vehicles that would be reserved exclusively for Tesla drivers.

Tesla already offers various entertainment features such as video games and streaming Netflix via the on-board computer. A karaoke function can even be activated while driving, with the note that it is only intended for passengers, as reports.

With potential features and innovations, Elon Musk apparently knows no limits.

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