Health Video, "Corona" patient escapes from Manshiet Al Bakry Hospital...

Video, “Corona” patient escapes from Manshiet Al Bakry Hospital … and the director: An attempt that was contained

Videos spread over the past hours through the pages of social media, trying to escape a patient with corona from Manshiet Al Bakry Hospital, and the patient appeared in the video prostrating, thanks for escaping from the hospital .

For her part, Dr. Amani Atef, director of Manshiet Al Bakry Hospital, told “The Seventh Day”: There was an attempt to escape a patient and he was returned to the hospital again and undergoing treatment, and continued: the crisis was contained .

The doctors of Manshiet El Bakry Hospital had called, in a statement to them via their official page on “Facebook”, to purify the hospital before it began receiving Corona cases, by conducting swabs for the hospital staff, providing adequate housing, and planning the hospital in line with the anti-infection standards, and the doctors explained, in A statement to them: that their demands include closing the hospital 48 hours, during which the hospital is sanitized and sterilized, taking smears for all its employees, isolating the positive cases that may appear, providing all personal condoms, in addition to a clear anti-infection program and training for the medical team on them..

They pointed out that the Preventive Medicine Officer had come to the hospital, and she was asked to do hospital wipes, and she was told not to disinfect the hospital from last Thursday, despite the fact that Corona patients and their relatives wandered in the hospital from Thursday, demanding to protect the medical team to continue work in the face of the virus To reduce the risk of disease transmission to all hospital patients.

The doctors of Manshiet El Bakry Hospital said that a decision had been issued to convert Manshiet El Bakry Hospital to an isolation hospital whose cases would be transferred from the Fever Hospital, indicating the emergence of positive cases of coronavirus infection, among hospital staff during the past week, including doctors, nursing, workers, and administrators, including a notebook employee Resident doctors, employee notebook specialists and consultants, head of the pharmacy department, head of the infection control department, doctors in the departments of obstetrics and gynecology, intensive care, general surgery, intensive care nursing and a hospital worker.

In a statement to them, Mansheya Al-Bakry Hospital doctors added: Therefore, all hospital employees, including doctors, nurses, and workers in contact with positive cases of Corona virus, have been made smears for 20 cases, and the result appeared yesterday 16 with a rate of more than 75%, and accordingly there is a requirement to make a survey for all workers In the hospital before converting it to an isolation hospital or allowing the current medical team to be isolated for 14 days and providing a temporary alternative medical team to work in the hospital.



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