News Video: Easyfly plane crashed into a boarding bridge at...

Video: Easyfly plane crashed into a boarding bridge at Palonegro Airport

On the afternoon of this Thursday, an ATR type aircraft with registration HK-5310 belonging to the EasyFly airline crashed into one of the boarding platforms at the Palonegro de Lebrija Airport, which serves Bucaramanga.

In a video it was recorded when the pilot gets too close to bridge number five and hits it with the left engine. Immediately, the track controllers had to clear the area to avoid any injuries.

The propeller was embedded in the underside of the boarding platform, which suffered damage. However, airport spokesmen indicated that at this time the effects and the reasons why the accident occurred are being evaluated.

Similarly, it was confirmed that no person was injured. EasyFly has not commented on what happened at the Palonegro airport either.



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