VIDEO. Eight people stuck 50 meters from the ground in a carousel in Rennes


Eight people are stuck on top of this arena in Rennes. – Screenshot of Twitter

A new year in the air! Eight people, including five children between the ages of 13 and 17, were blocked on Monday night in a carousel in Rennes, due to a technical problem, we learned from firefighters, confirming local media information.

The eight people who were stranded by 8:30 in the afternoon, when the carnival of Rennes carnival "saved itself as a result of a technical problem", are "safe". The five specialized firefighters of the Grimp (Dangerous Response and Reconnaissance Group) failed to reach the gondola from the ground and had to call a civilian safety helicopter. The helicopter arrived on the scene before midnight to hoist rescuers on the platform, according to newspapers. West of France.


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