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The second highest figure in the Portuguese state was insulted on Saturday, September 11, by a group of Covid-19 deniers.

Eduardo Ferro Rodrigues was having lunch in a restaurant next to the Assembly of the Republic when he was detected by demonstrators who were concentrated in front of the Parliament, according to the various videos that are being shared, and seen by the JE.

Several watchwords are shouted by the demonstrators aiming at Ferro Rodrigues: “This restaurant is marked, no customer of this restaurant will ever have peace”; “assassin”; “does not touch the Constitution”; “dictatorship, no; freedom, yes”; “review, no. freedom, yes”.

In the images, it is possible to see the 71-year-old politician having lunch while several people in front of the window where he is are insulting them several times.

At some point, more demonstrators from the Parliament began to arrive at the restaurant’s door. It was around this time that Ferro Rodrigues finished his lunch and headed for the exit.

Outside, dozens of protesters are waiting for you; As he walks towards the car, various insults are heard to the President of Parliament.

Later, at the end of the day, this group of demonstrators went to the headquarters of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) in the Lapa area where they were meeting in front of the building. “Don’t poison our children,” one of the posters reads.

For this Saturday afternoon, the demonstration “For our children – Towards Freedom” was called in front of the Assembly of the Republic.

In one of the videos released, at the demonstration in front of the Assembly of the Republic, several people, including children, threw masks into a bonfire.

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During this protest action, the founder of the International Medical Association (AMI) and former PSD deputy, doctor Fernando Nobre, also spoke.

Questioned by the JE, the PSP said that no complaints were filed. “The PSP is not aware of any occurrence as reported, nor has it received any complaint”, according to an official source.

In turn, Ferro Rodrigues’ advisor said that “there was no serious event”.

Remember that Ferro Rodrigues has already been the target of insults by the denial judge Rui Fonseca e Castro who even suggested that the politician “should take his own life”.

In reaction, the President of Parliament said at the end of July that he “has already brought to the attention of the Superior Council of Magistracy, through its President and President of the Supreme Court of Justice, for all due effects, the video that demonstrates his honor that the Judge Rui Fonseca e Castro published it on his Youtube channel, highlighting the seriousness of the statements contained in the aforementioned video, which, moreover, appear to constitute a public crime”.

In several videos, captured at the door of the restaurant where Ferro Rodrigues was, Ana Desirat appears shouting slogans into a megaphone; this is one of the organizers of the protests in Odivelas in mid-August when Vice Admiral Gouveia e Melo, leader of the ‘task force’, was insulted.

Speaking to “Agency Lusa” on September 8 – in a protest in front of Parliament against the Covid-19 vaccination process and possible amendments to the Portuguese Constitution – Ana Desirat said that the current vaccination process is an “experience”.

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At the time, he described the digital certificate as “an imposition of a totalitarian state, which divides citizens between vaccinated and unvaccinated”.

“Furthermore, the first information began to emerge that the injection does not protect anything at all, people can contract the virus in the same way. It’s a world dictatorship, the peoples have to fight”, said Ana Desirat on Wednesday, cited by “Lusa”.

Remember that after being insulted on August 14, the coordinator of the ‘task force’ was given protection by the PSP Special Unit’s personal security corps.

At the time, Ana Desirat told “Lusa” that the deaths due to Covid-19 are “merely speculative”.

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