Technology Video games: PS5: the duration of the DualSense, the...

Video games: PS5: the duration of the DualSense, the control of the PlayStation 5 is filtered

Updated 08/14/2020 at 08:30

Through Sony’s official website, the company has been advancing some details of the hardware of its new console. The command of the PlayStation 5 It raises a lot of expectations, something that should come as no surprise considering that the Duashock left the high fence for many years with the PlayStation 4.

For now, the price of this accessory is not known but some details of the functions have already been revealed. One of the most talked about elements is haptic vibration, which will give you a better gaming experience.

Recently, a ‘tester’ leaked photos of the DualSense controller and confirmed that its battery is 1560mA, which translates into a greater weight and increased duration. Remember that the PS4 controller lasts approximately 4 hours of intense gameplay.

The DualShock 4 uses an 800mA battery and a 1000mA version was later released. In this way, the new remote control almost doubles the battery capacity of the current generation.

The tester confirms that he cannot publish videos of the device in question but that “designs and supplies accessories for console manufacturers like Sony and Microsoft, both are our clients, now I’m doing some compatibility tests for the DualSense”.

Listen to “DeporPlay” on Spreaker.



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