Video Games: PS5 | Xbox One Series X | EA’s new games will be better and more

Updated 06/22/2020 at 1:10 PM

It seems almost impossible to improve the gameplay, images and reality that many of the video games show in two of the most famous console companies in the world, but both Sony and Microsoft reinvent themselves and released their latest models. At the same time, Electronic Arts made very important announcements to be in tune with the demands of both PS5 like Xbox One Series X.

After the last launch of PlayStation 5, Electronic Arts offered its particular EA Play Live 2020 with the latest news, he also confirmed that PS5 video games and Xbox One they will be better and more visceral.

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“This generational shift comes at an important time for entertainment and the media in general. Every time there is a new technology there are changes and it is time to evolve in our thinking about video games “, he explained Laura Honey, Chief Studios Officer de EA.

“Delayed rendering allows us to use more dynamic colors and lights, and dynamic weather systems will have a real impact on athletes, teams and the pitch. Games will feel different, better, and more visceral”, He added.

FIFA 21: cross progression

The reality of FIFA 21 will surpass its predecessors, both in the players, their movements and the weather, among others. (Capture)

According to the company, FIFA 21 promises more ‘humanized’ players, that is, more real virtual representations of the athletes, their more realistic movements, details around the weather conditions, more authentic character behaviors.

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Also, the modo BACK and the top two club tournaments on the planet: UEFA Champions League and the Liberators cup. In principle, ‘FIFA 21’ will arrive on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on October 9.

Of course, they did not ensure if it will support cross interaction between PlayStation and Xbox, but it does ‘cross progression’ between generations of the same brand. This means that it will be possible to play on PS4 and PS5, or on Xbox One and Xbox Series X. That is, continue playing where you left off in Ultimate Team or Volta Football.



GTA 5 for PS5: Official trailer of the Rockstar Games video game for the new PlayStation 5

GTA 5 for PS5: Official trailer of the Rockstar Games video game for the new PlayStation 5


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