Video games: The revolt rumbles against “Call of Duty: Warzone”

Posted6 avril 2021, 22:41

Frustrated with the repeated bugs and cheating reigning in the battle royale game, players have launched an online protest movement.

Players of “Call of Duty: Warzone” have opened up an unexpected battlefield. They have taken to the Net to take to task publisher Activision and his studio Raven, responsible according to them for not cleaning up a video game plagued by bugs and cheating. In the wake of a very committed message from a player on Reddit, the #FixWarzone tag is responsible for federating all the frustration of players on social networks.

The malcontents also let it be known by disembarking in parties with the clan name “FIXWZ”. They still admit to loving the game, but no longer being able to play in such conditions. The idea is to remind the Raven studio and its parent company Activision of their obligations. The last update was particularly badly received.

“The new update was the equivalent of a Christmas alarm clock where we learn that our parents have divorced”

anonymous testimony

The impact of this movement on fixing bugs and purging cheating and hackers is yet to be proven. But it could serve as a basis for other larger movements.

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