August 4, 2020 – 09:44
Guido Kaczka couldn’t help but cry when Rubén established himself as the first driver to win the top prize in “Welcome aboard”.

In the absence of football due to the pandemic, the Monday broadcast of Welcome on Board, the program that Guido Kaczka hosts on El Trece, was experienced as a world final. At least that conclusion can be reached as a result of the comments on social networks, where users shouted like a goal the achievement of Rubén Luis Martínez, the driver who for the first time could take the taxi that delivers the cycle.

Rubén’s participation spanned a good while, and from the beginning it was already marked by emotion. It all started when Guido, so skillful at inventing games on the go and entertaining his spectators, challenged the taxi driver and the famous guests -Hernán Drago, Rocío Robles, Federico Cyrulnik and Marcela Baños- to guess what was the great news he had for count its star producer, Pablo Giménez.

The participant played it and said that Giménez was expecting her first child. And he was right! “I’m going to be a dad,” said the producer, visibly excited. “How great, Pablo, I congratulate you!”, The taxi driver celebrated the news.

Returning to the subject of the taxi, Rubén told Guido that he is the father of seven boys: five from his first marriage, and two from his current relationship. And that taking the car would be very important to his life. Finally, after adding a bit of suspense, the driver told him to proceed to spin the giant roulette. After a few laps that seemed endless, he braked at zero. The winning number!

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!” Guido couldn’t stop screaming. “Yes, Rubén! Yes, Rubén! I thought it was happening! Rubén, darling! ”Continued the driver for a long time, in that characteristic voice of his, completely incredulous. The taxi driver did not react at first: it took a few seconds until he “fell”, as they say. Then, yes, the first tears began to fall.

“Believe me, Guido, I never won anything,” was the first thing the already historic participant of the program managed to say. “You won’t be able to say that anymore, never again. Look how you won. You kill me, Rubén, I don’t even know what to tell you … I’m trying to row it but I see you … “

“Thanks, I can’t speak,” Rubén interrupted him, moved. “But forget! You signed up, you came, you played. You earned it! ”Said Guido.

“Do you know how many people said to me: go, go,” said Ruben. My friends everywhere asked me why don’t you go? I’m ashamed, I said to them. But, well, I came and I was calm. Zero nerves. My lady would send me a message, she would tell me: See if any producer there on TV does a casting for the girls. I never won anything. Not a raffle at school … ”.

Emotion reigned in the studio. And on Twitter everyone celebrated with Rubén, as if he had scored the championship goal. “The taxi driver who won the car at Guido’s is the best thing that happened to me since March”, “Rubén just won the taxi in the Guido program, historical”, “a taxi driver just won the taxi in the Guido program Kaczka, he is crying and we applaud “,” he won my heart “, were just some of the comments about it. “Guido” and “Rubén” were trending topic on the social network.

Originally from Hipolíto Yirogoyen

Rubén Luis Martínez, a neighbor from the Patrón Patrón Costas neighborhood of the city of Hipólito Yrigoyen. Luchín, as they know him, told this morning in Mega Informados the exciting story he lived, where he was awarded for the first time the highest prize in the program led by Guido Kaczka.

He said excitedly that before turning the roulette, he looked at the sky and said: “Old woman, give me a hand.” It was very exciting to hear him happy and sad at the same time that he had physically lost his mother months ago. Martínez, currently works as a taxi driver in the city of Buenos Aires.


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