Video Honda Vario with Two CVTs, Makes Amazed and Confused

TikTok/ galihbertoberli387

Video screenshot of Honda Vario figure with two CVT

Motor – Sighting video motor Honda Vario with two CVTmake both amazed and confused.

Generally motor matic using only one actuator CVT on the left.

Another story with Honda Vario this one, the motor has two pieces CVT mounted on the left and right.

This unique thing was shared by a social media user.

The upload in the form of a short video was shared through the TikTok platform.

Through the account @galihbertoberli387, there appears a Honda Vario Modified old release.

The motor is seen using two CVT.

“Motor without exhaust and two cvt” wrote @galihbertoberli387 in the upload description column.

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Honda Vario which is equipped with two pieces CVT on the left and right it looks like it has used two shock absorbers.

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