Video: Iranian fans celebrate with an Israeli channel reporter after their team’s victory over Wales!

Iranian fans, along with an Israeli channel reporter, appeared in the midst of Iran’s victory over Wales in their World Cup soccer match in Qatar.

Iranian fans appeared very happy, during a correspondence with an Israeli delegate to Doha to cover the World Cup in a live broadcast on one of the Hebrew channels, while they were cheering for their team’s victory, before they carried the man above the ground in a frantic celebration, according to Al-Ain news.

The fans did not take into account any embarrassment in their country’s bad official relationship with Israel, and insisted that the reporter wave the flag of their country, while the Israeli journalist was very happy as he conveyed the atmosphere after the match in which Iran beat Wales with two goals without a response, in the second round of the group tournament in World Cup Finals, enhancing its chances of qualifying for the second round.

However, away from sports, observers and activists on social media read in the homogeneity between the Iranian fans and the TV reporter another message to the Iranian regime, that the people and their leaders in the country are not at the heart of one man in the position on Tel Aviv.

A number of activists believed that the Iranian people, through their spontaneous interaction with the Israeli correspondent, are sending that the relationship between Tel Aviv and Tehran will be normal without the ruling regime.

American-Canadian lawyer Marc Dupuy, CEO of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, wrote on Twitter: “This is amazing. Iranian fans warmly receive an Israeli reporter, after today’s Iran victory over Wales.”

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He added, addressing the Iranian people: “Get rid of the Islamic Republic (the ruling political system), and Iran and Israel will be the closest partners and friends.”

While an Israeli activist called “Eyal” wrote in the comments on the video clip spread on social media: “I just watched Iran win in football against Wales. I saw it on Israeli national television. The reporter was elated with Iran’s victory. (They deserve it.. I salute them).”

And she added, “Iran is a country that vowed to destroy Israel. I am proud to live in a country where a reporter can express this opinion without fear.”

Another activist, Zain Muhammad, expressed his point of view on the circulation of the clip, with a tweet in which he said: “A rare scene; Iranians celebrate with an Israeli reporter after a World Cup match… If the world can have such peace, then we should have sports like this every day.” year to celebrate it.

Perhaps the most prominent message in the appearance of the Iranian fans, and their celebration of the Israeli correspondent, despite his continuing to speak in a live broadcast in Hebrew, is to break the stereotype of the Iranian people’s enmity towards Israel.

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