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NASH – Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease – is a disease caused, among other things, by excessive consumption of sugar. "It is the illness of the 21st century. It is a disease that affects 6 million people in France", explains sports journalist Pierre Ménès who was a victim.

As explained by the hepatologist Patrick Marcellin, "Excess sugar causes excess fat in the liver"Only sugar is everywhere today, from ketchup to ice cream, pizzas and other frozen products, very few foods are running away." The figures speak for themselves: a French person consumes an average of 35 kg of sugar per year, sometimes without knowing it.

Who knows that today giving a little bowl of chocolate in the morning to his son, we give him a bowl of sugar?

Christelle Pangrazzi

60 million consumers

Diagnosed over time, the disease is not irreversible and can be cured. For this, it is necessary to control the diet and carry out a regular physical activity. In fact, sugar, fat and a sedentary lifestyle are the perfect cocktail for this disease.

In severe cases, NASH can cause cirrhosis or liver cancer and even require a transplant.


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