VIDEO. Murder by Alexia Daval: Jonathann again confessed to being the killer of his wife – 20 minutes


Jonathann Daval, November 2, 2017, at a press conference with Alexia's family – SEBASTIEN BOZON / AFP

The clash has paid off. Jonathann Daval again confessed to being the
Alexia's killer, announced the prosecutor Etienne Manteaux.

"Mr. Daval took refuge in his rejection for, after one and a quarter hours, an hour and a half of confrontation, collapsing into tears and finally confessing to killing Alexia Daval," he said. Prosecutor of Besançon in front of the press. After his confession, Jonathan Daval "knelt in front of his mother-in-law, obviously to ask for his forgiveness," he continued. Convened by the examining magistrate, the 34-year-old computer scientist later confronted Grégory Gay, who had accused of the crime, and his wife Stéphanie on Friday.

Alexia's mother "relieved"

"I'm relieved," answered Isabelle Fouillot, Alexia's mother. At the beginning of the afternoon, his lawyer said that the suspect had kept the family plot version all morning. "There was no change in the version on either side, everyone kept his statements," said Jonathan Randal Schwerdorffer, one of Jonathann Daval's lawyers, after the first clashes in his opinion tense but courteous ". It was in the afternoon that he would confess again that he had killed his girlfriend alone.


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