VIDEO. No one expected it! Catherine Middleton becomes the biggest surprise of Eurovision in a luxurious off-the-shoulder evening dress

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Princess of Wales Catherine Middleton became the biggest surprise in the “Eurovision” final. Kate played a fragment of the song of last year’s competition winners “Kalush Orchestra” on the piano. The princess sits at a piano in Windsor Castle and plays a tune by Joe Price and Kojo Samuel.

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At the same time, it was also a gesture – a wonderful support for the Ukrainian people during the war.

Kate Middleton at the Guard Parade

Kate is seen wearing an off-the-shoulder blue Jenny Packham gown.

The 20-second video became a real sensation, because no one expected to see the princess at the Eurovision final. After the final of the song contest, in which the singer won for the second time Lauren from Sweden, many write that it is not clear which was the bigger sensation – the Swede’s repeated victory or the wonderful surprise of the princess.

Kate Middleton in a red coat and wearing the Queen’s brooch attends a formal event

“She seems to be able to do everything!”, “I can’t believe that Kate can play the piano so wonderfully”, “Beautiful, talented – she is the real Queen of Great Britain”, “Wonderful video – filmed so professionally and so excitingly. Kate looks like a princess in a movie” – wrote several “Eurovision” reviewers.

Kate Middleton plays a beautiful melody on the piano at the Eurovision final:


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