VIDEO: Octavio Ocaña’s ex-girlfriend would have presented the actor’s alleged son

Octavio Ocaña. | Reform Agency.

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A new controversy has arisen around the case of Octavio Ocana, actor who played the character of Benito in the series “Neighbors” and who died on October 29 in circumstances not yet clarified, and it was announced that a young woman, the actor’s ex-partner, would have had a son not recognized by Ocaña and now who presented through photographs, which he published on his social networks.

According to fan speculation, they found a young woman identified as Georgina garcia, the little one could be the result of the relationship that Octavio Ocaña had with her, however, According to various versions, the young Televisa actor never wanted to recognize the baby. Given this, The young woman shared a photograph in her social networks where the child appears, in this way she intends to “verify” Octavio’s paternity.

After the images became a trend, now adding a new angle to the case of the actor’s death, Internet users assured that the resemblance between the minor and Ocaña is undeniable. The photographs were also taken up by some of the show’s media, including the program “Chisme no Like”, where it was reported that Georgina García had a son from Ocaña last October.

According to the report on this situation in “Gossip no Like” the young woman would have had a son, who was born last October, as a result of the relationship she had with Octavio Ocaña. In the video, the program’s hosts, as Internet users previously did, highlighted the boy’s great resemblance to the actor, since both are redheads.

During the broadcast, the presenters also recalled that just a few days ago a clairvoyant had mentioned an alleged paternity of Octavio Ocaña: “When the psychic Bertha was on the program, she talked about a supposed baby in the actor’s life, we imagine it was the baby of his fiancee Nerea Godínez, without imagining that perhaps Ocaña did have a child “they declared.

After the death of “Benito”, Georgina García announced on her social networks the news of the existence of a son who supposedly would not be recognized by Ocaña, as well as the romance he had with the actor. The young woman also “said goodbye” to whoever her partner was since she even put a black bow on her profile photo as a mourning for the actor’s death.

In addition, he shared messages where he expressed the love he always had for him, despite the fact that he had already decided to start a family with Nerea Godínez, the actor’s fiancee and who became known after the death of Octavio Ocaña. According to the social networks of “Benito”, as well as what transpired in the press, both had a relationship for a long time and even already lived together.

Georgina García assured that the relationship she had with Ocaña occurred before he began his romance with Nerea. The actor’s ex-partner assured that it was a little over a month ago that he became a mother and regretted that now Octavio will not be able to meet his son.

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