Video – Reham Said asks the trial of the photographer Rania Youssef: she has fallen to her knees to expose –


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Posted: Tuesday, December 4, 2018 – 2.47 pm | Last updated: Tuesday, December 4, 2018 – 2.47 pm

The presenter of the program, Riham Said, asked the process of the photographer who photographed Rania Youssef with the aim of spreading immorality.

"You're a patient, 100 sick children, Hemotawa's heart and a mask in the dress of Rania Youssef Mafich, a parliamentarian who listened to me and said there are 100 children in Bimoutwa," said Reham Saeed during his Sabaya program, which is shown on Al Hayat.

He continued: "I heard that Rania Youssef, who is attacking, was in one of us and I know that she is an actress, a dancer and not a concern for her. Throughout her life, she was looking for photographs, she was not wearing clothes. They wear naked needs.

He said: "The photographer who kneels to photograph from behind, must be tried with the charge of publishing the debauchery, this photographer was present in the festival to cover the events of the festival and not to hunt the photos of the stars and expose them.

He also requested the trial of this photographer who took pictures of Rania Youssef because it was the cause of this crisis and that Rania did not give them back to photographers during the festival entry and only imagined her from the front, but this photographer won all and deliberately exposed them.

Rania Youssef was very controversial because of her dress at the end of the 40th Cairo International Film Festival, wearing a black dress.

Rania apologized with a statement released and confirmed that he did not mean any abuse, and said that the reason for the appearance in this form is the lining of the dress that had been raised during the movement, saying that when he bought it he was not.

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