Video: Researchers train dogs to smell Covid-19 infected people

Watch the video: British researchers train dogs to smell Covid-19 infected.

It sounds like an absurd experiment: British researchers want to train dogs to smell Covid-19 infected people. But past studies show that the four-legged friends actually have a good nose for it.

Dogs can already find drugs, money and food – but also diseases.

Medical Detection Dogs can distinguish between different types of cancer and also identify people who are infected with malaria.

Professor Dr. James Logan, Head of the Department of Disease Control at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine:

“In this study, we want to find out if Covid-19 infected people have a particular body odor and then train dogs to track them down. We are very grateful that the British government is funding our research Malaria patients. We have shown that dogs can be trained to identify the malaria-infected smell with greater accuracy. If we succeed with Covid-19, it could revolutionize the fight against the disease. ”

For this purpose, the researchers want to collect odor samples from people without and with the pathogen. The participants have to wear masks and nylon socks for several hours.

Dr. Steve Lindsay, biology professor at Durham University:

“Dogs are fantastic animals with an exceptionally good sense of smell, maybe 10,000 times better than we humans. And humans already have a pretty good sense of smell.”

“As we fight this pandemic and the infection rate drops, one of the most important things will be to prevent imported new infections. So in order to boost the economy again, we have to reopen the airports. We believe that dogs can play a major role here if we can prove that they can differentiate between infected and healthy people with great accuracy. ”

The idea is that we can screen and isolate passengers who ignorantly drag Covid-19 into the country. It’s an important project, not just for the UK, but for many countries around the world. ”

In any case, the experiment gives the saying “best friend of man” a new meaning.

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