Entertainment Video..Show Oka's reaction to Hani Shaker’s decision to prevent...

Video..Show Oka’s reaction to Hani Shaker’s decision to prevent him from singing

The festivals singer Oka was keen to comment on the decision of the captain of the musical professions, artist Hani Shaker, which he issued at the beginning of this year, which included preventing Oka from singing, as his name was included in the list of names that were prevented from singing or reviving concerts.

During his meeting with “Et” in Arabic, Oka stated: “The decision succeeded me more and it was positive, and everything that happens from our Lord has a reason.

On the other hand, Oka recently released the song “Talaa 1991” from the words and distribution of Oka, composed by Bino, and the idea of ​​the song revolves around the year 1991, under the supervision of his wife, artist Mai Kassab.


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