VIDEO: “Singapore Satin” invites scandalous Roland Privert to the role of policeman – Music

The Latvian rap group “Singapore Satin” has stood out with a very risky step, handing over their new single “Bambaleo” to the audience – in its video, Rolands Priverts, who is close to the drug business community, is also filmed and plays the role of a police commissioner. I wonder what the real police officers think about it…

“With” Rīgas Laika “in the armpit, we sat on a train to Varanasi and thought about what to write the next song. We went to look for inspiration and found it in the snowy mountains of the Himalayas – we realized that our next composition should be about snow from another continent By the way, we are very often accused that only a small part of our discography can be played on the radio, so for the first time we created a special “super clean” version that can be safely played on the radio, green balls, weddings and also to show mom “The clip also has our coma Rolands Privert, he is a very cool jack. There are also Prusax and Steps – they are also cool musicians, listen one day,” says the band members.

The song “Bambaleo” is also special in that this is the first time in the history of “Singapore Satin” when the whole composition of the group participates in it – each participant performs his own verse in the song. “Bambaleo” has two versions – the original and the “super clean” or censored version of the song, which is a response to the frequent statement that “Singapore Satin” works for the most part cannot be played to a wider audience due to lyrics. Both versions of “Bamboleo” can be listened to on the music streaming platform “Spotify”, while the video with the participation of Roland Privert is available on the band’s “Youtube” channel.

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