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The Austrian media speculate on the new track

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The video of the Ibiza scandal in the summer of 2017 caused a serious government crisis in Austria The video of the Ibiza scandal in the summer of 2017 caused a serious government crisis in Austria

The video of the Ibiza scandal in the summer of 2017 caused a serious government crisis in Austria

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Who is the author of the Ibiza video? An ex-FPÖ politician is cited as a Viennese lawyer, the meeting between the alleged niece's oligarchs and Heinz-Christian Strache organized. However, there is a big gap in its history.

thereEverything was already in the room: foreign intelligence, even Jan Böhmermann, the eternally suspect. But according to the former club president of the FPÖ, Johann Gudenus, they should have had nothing to do with the creation of the Ibiza video.

Gudenus has now presented a third theory: it is said that someone else, a Viennese lawyer, has attracted him and the politician of the Heinz-Christian Strache FPO into a trap and thus precipitated Austria into a political crisis . This is clear from the Austrian media reports. Gudenus himself was not available to WELT for a conversation.

The lawyer is said to have mediated the meetings that eventually led to the video of the scandal in Ibiza. That said, so far the only source, Gudenus, which has since left the FPÖ.

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This is what the newspapers "Kurier" and "Die Presse" write. At the beginning, he did not respond to a WELT request. "A real estate agent who was our friend for a long time called and said that someone was interested in your hunting grounds," says Gudenus in a "courier" interview. "The lawyer then made the further contact, he confirmed to me that the identities of the gentlemen are authentic", continues Gudenus.

According to "The Press", Gudenus would meet the lawyer for the first time in his office. This had presented him with a Lettin passport. Presumably, it is said that she called herself Aljona Makarova.

In addition, a proof of the solvency of the alleged granddaughter Gudenus oligarchs was indicated as a receipt, after they have already transferred the funds to a trust account of the Viennese lawyer. At the meeting it was said that a German was present, presumably imagined under a stealth name.

The information in the "courier", however, differs in some points. As a result, Gudenus is said to have made an appointment for the first time with the Latvian and his entourage in the Viennese rooftop pub "Le Ciel". The meeting took place on March 24, 2017. Even here it is said that the Viennese lawyer was present – but later Ibiza was not, Gudenus is quoted.

C & # 39; is a big gap in the history of Gudenus

Overall, there should have been at least four meetings: one in a law firm or in "Le Ciel", one on April 26, 2017 in the more bourgeois "Stadtwirt" Beisl, then on July 24 in the luxury villa in Ibiza, and in a previously unknown date back to a Viennese restaurant.

Striking is the big gap between the aforementioned meeting in Vienna and the meeting in Ibiza. The Viennese lawyer has canceled his Twitter account – when exactly, this is not known.

"On behalf of my client, I ask you to understand that this cannot be available for discussion due to confidentiality obligations," the lawyer for the alleged mediator told the "courier". "Please strictly observe that my client does not consent to the identification of reports."

According to media reports, the lawyer should be a well-connected man in politics. Apparently, it has already kept its distance from the FPÖ – presumably it already had photos of Strache in 2015 that could have compromised it.

The video of the Ibiza scandal in the summer of 2017 caused a serious government crisis in Austria. Meanwhile, no FPÖ politician is part of the government anymore. Strache also resigned as FPÖ boss. Gudenus left the party.

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