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Bullying by employers, even wage refusal to pay, so unbearable, therefore self-termination, now still high severance pay …

I was intentionally “offered” by my ex-employer work against my “work health” or to my financial disadvantage. I have a degree of disability (GdB) of 40% and I'm on par with a severely handicapped person and was the last 7 weeks before my own termination on 07.04.2019 sick due to employer mobbing.
I was also helped by the competent Integration Office Potsdam in any way u.a. I wanted to be terminated by the employer and not vice versa, because of legal compensation claims on my part. These severance pay claims are now also due to deliberate employer mobbing, discrimination and discrimination in full, as well as, as confirmed by the TK (cash), pending, overdue pay / wage payments for 5 weeks, credited the entire month of March 2019 and the 1 .Aprilwoche.
I can use every imaginable help against this anti-social, dubious employer, must probably claim my rights in the legal action.
Since the 08./09. April I found a new job, otherwise I would have been born in 1957 forced to apply for unemployment benefit 1 and this at self-termination u.U. with disadvantages for me, despite bullying as reason for termination.


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