Video : the birth of a baby beluga whale at the Georgia Aquarium

The Georgia Aquarium Atlanta celebrated a happy event a few weeks ago. Whisper, a beluga whale female 20 years has made the world a small, not so small as it was ! At birth, the young Order : CetaceaSous-order : OdontocetiFamille : MonodontidaeGenre : DelphinapterusTaille : 5.00 to 6.00 a mètresPoids : 1.000 to 1.500 kgLongévité : 35 to 50 years old
Conservation status UICN : NT-near threatened
Description of beluga whale
Also called…” data-image=”” data-url=”” data-more=”Read more”>beluga was already 1,60 meter long, 81 Mass of the international prototype of platinum-iridium from 1889 filed in the pavilion of Weights and Measures (Sèvres, Hauts-de-Seine), under the control of the international Bureau of weights and measures (BIPM), of which the French representative is the LNE (Laboratoire…” data-url=”” data-more=”Read more”>kilograms.

The team of healers of the Georgia Aquarium filmed the long Whisper in the quiet of the aquarium closed to the public because of theepidemic of coronavirus. A rare event that you can relive in the video below.

Beluga whales are nicknamed the canaries of the sea because of their clicks and whistles, melodious. These cetaceans live exclusively in the waters of The limits of the Arctic
The Arctic is a region whose boundaries are subject to debate. A point of view…” data-image=”” data-url=”” data-more=”Read more”>arctic and subarctic, Canada to Russia. Very sociable, they live in a group of individuals usually of the same age and the same sex. The small, born in Georgia Aquarium, will need all the attention of his mother to become an adult of nearly five metres long and close to a ton.

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