Video: the ironic message of Nito Artaza about the lawlessness of Romano

Protectora Senator Marcelo Romano’s request for lawlessness has generated rejection within the local political arc. Legislators of the Everyone’s Front and the Left Front they have come to repudiate what they consider an “political persecution” by the ruling party towards a senator from the opposition. And in the last hours, the comic boss Nito Artaza joined the scene.

Through a video, Artaza came out to support Romano and congratulated him – humorously and ironically – for denouncing negotiations and defending water. “Sorry, brother Marcelo Romano. How can you come up against the open-pit mining company and not accompany the 7722 reform? How can you come up with reporting negotiations? Be against the system! Put yourself on the side of the people! How can you think of defending water! “Joked Artaza.



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