VIDEO: They present a cryogenic "repairer" that adjusts cell phone screens in minutes


On Monday, the Mobile World Congress 2019 (MWC) began in Barcelona (Spain) and serves, as every year, to publicly present some of the most innovative mobile phones on the market.

However, one of the news that has attracted the most attention so far is not a smartphone model, but a computer to be repaired, in a few minutes and without the need to replace other components, the broken glass screens of various smartphones, informs the portal Gizmodo.

This is gTool DRS, a product developed by the American engineer Vincent Gioffre and marketed by the German company Black Rock Mobile.

This technology is integrated by two cylindrical machines with special slots to position the devices to be repaired and to helium compressor external.

With the help of this gas, which reaches cryogenic temperatures up to 180 degrees below zero, the first of the modules freezes the screen during the course of between 3 and 8 minutes, depending on the model. After this process, the glass can be separated from the device without much difficulty.

Thus, the second machine, called laminator, helps Adhere to the new crystal on the phone by pressing it on the original AMOLED panel. After the others 8 or 10 additional minutes, the device is ready to be used normally.

All this process, from the selection of the model to the control of pressure and time appropriate for each type of telephone, is carried out through an "app" connected to the system. The equipment consumes around 120 watts and costs around 10,000 euros ($ 11,350), details on the portal.

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