VIDEO. Top 14. Cad-deb on Jaminet, NBA pass, Castres’ superb 90m try against Toulouse

In difficulty in the Top 14, Castres is playing part of its season this Saturday against Stade Toulousain. Unlike the leader, who has a good mattress at the top of the championship, the Tarnais need points to maintain themselves. After a lively first period but also marked by penalties and handling errors, it was the locals who scored the first try just before the lemons. Mola’s men did not lack opportunities, however. They even evolved to 15 against 14 after Urdapilleta’s yellow card. But realism was on the side of the Castres who, on one of their rare ball-in-hand actions, found the flaw in the leader’s defense. At the conclusion, Dumora was also at the start of the action in his 22 yards. After an advance by S├ęguret and Nakosi, it was Cocagi who did most of the work with a run on the sidelines where he notably left the back of the XV of France Melvyn Jaminet on the spot with a very good pace. deb. He then served Dumora with a basketball pass for a try from 90 yards.

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