Video.. What did the Juventus legend say about Napoli’s achievement?

The crowning of Naples with the Italian League title, after waiting 33 years, constituted a major football event inside and outside Italy, as the first title after the era of Argentine legend Diego Armando Maradona. This made many football stars interact with the event, including Andrea Barzagli, the 2006 World Cup champion and the legend of Juventus. .

In exclusive statements to “Sky News Arabia,” Andrea Barzagli, who won eight Italian league titles with his team Juventus from 2012 to 2019, said: “The Naples team deserved to be crowned with the “Scudetto” title this season, thanks to its distinguished level throughout the season, as it appeared With a strong performance in his various matches, he drew attention with his good performances and brilliant players, and therefore the title was deserved for the best performing team this season.

Andrea Barzagli added that the competition in the Italian League was not easy, in light of the presence of large teams with high technical capabilities and competing seriously for titles and championships.

The joy of the Italian league title

Regarding the great joy conveyed by the various international media to the fans and players of Naples in winning the Italian League title and the importance of winning the “Scudetto” title, Andrea Barzagli, who won four consecutive titles in the Italian Cup, stressed that the joy of winning the title has a special impact and is accompanied by an exceptional joy that is difficult to express because winning the title against Selection of major competitors is a resounding success. Pointing out that the crowned team is the best in the Italian arena.

He added that he lived the best moments with his team, Juventus, and is still proud of the beautiful memories he lived while celebrating the coronation.

Italian defender Andrea Barzagli, who played 73 international matches with the Azzurri national team, described the moment of winning the 2006 World Cup as a historical joy that he cannot forget, because it is a great achievement that every player dreams of achieving, considering that winning the World Cup is a pride that only a number of Few players in the world.
And he stressed that lifting the World Cup with the Italian national team will remain the most important memory in his football career after he retired from playing.

A good season for Juventus, despite the crises

Juventus legend Andrea Barzagli talked about the season his team is going through in light of the difficulties it faced, especially after 15 points were deducted from its balance and then returned again.
He considered the old lady’s team’s career so far to be good, because it reached the semi-finals of the Italian Cup, and the same role also in the European League competition.

In addition to occupying third place in the Italian League standings, and competing for one of the qualifying cards for the Champions League next season.

Enter the world of coaching

Andrea Barzagli revealed his desire to enter the world of coaching after retiring from playing, and to benefit from his football experience and long experience, and thus test his abilities in this field.

He added that he had an important experience as an assistant to coach Mauricio Sarri last season when he was coach of Juventus, with the aim of obtaining a professional certificate in training, and that he is going through a new experience today with the coaches of the junior stages of the Italian national teams with the aim of getting to know the basic work and further acquiring training skills.

He hoped that he would succeed in entering the world of training and succeed in joining the successful Italian technical bodies in this field.

Juventus is a great legacy

Italian soccer player Andrea Barzagli stressed that playing in the ranks of the Italian club Juventus is a great responsibility for any player, because it is a large and ancient club not only at the Italian level, but also in various countries of the world.

Barzagli added that his team has a wide audience and millions of fans, even in Arab countries, and has a great legacy.

He explained that the player who wears the Juventus shirt has a great responsibility to live up to this name, slogan and commitment, as it is a great responsibility to be part of the Juventus family.

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