VIDEO: Widespread protests against restrictions in Bulgaria

In the Bulgarian capital, Sofia, on Wednesday, clashes broke out between police and protesters protesting against the restrictions imposed by the pandemic as protesters tried to break into the parliament building.

Protesters failed to break into the building due to the large presence of police forces. Several protesters have been detained.

Several people, including police, were injured in the collisions. Protesters were expelled from parliament at the end of the confrontation, and a police cordon was placed around the building.

The violence has sparked protests against the wearing of masks and vaccination claims. They were organized by a nationalist organization that is actively opposed to the government’s crisis measures to curb Covid-19.

“The aim of this protest is to get rid of the restrictive measures, especially and above all the unconstitutional green certificate,” Kostadin Kostadinov, the leader of the Vazrazhane party, said before the protest.

The Nationalist Party has 13 of the 240 seats in parliament and has gained support among opponents of pandemic restrictions.

Nearly 1,000 protesters remained in the square near the National Assembly building, promising to remain there until their demands for the abolition of mask and vaccination certificates were met.

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