Videos of Her Children Without Viral Clothing, Uncen Lecturer: That’s Character Murder, Just Attack Me Page all – Video when Marinus Yaung, lecturer at Cenderawasih University (Uncen), became a speaker through the application Webinar Becomes viral on social media.

Without realizing it, a naked girl appeared behind him. After that, Marinus explained, the girl was her child who was still in fourth grade of elementary school.

“This is my daughter, and she just took a shower in the afternoon at my rented house in East Jakarta, and wants to change clothes, so her name is also a child, immediately just blurt out when I’m participating webinar broadcast live from home, “Marinus wrote on his Facebook account, Wednesday (07/15/2020).

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When confirmed, Marinus explained, he would report to the police about the assumption of citizens regarding the appearance of their children in the webinar video.

Marinus regretted the negative comments about the child.

“The construction of narratives is very bad, this is character assassination, if it only attacks me it’s OK, but this also attacks my child,” Marinus said when contacted.

As is known, videos and recordings of the moment when his child appeared naked attained citizen comments.

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One of them is information that says the woman behind Marinus is a commercial sex worker (CSW).

As is known, the incident occurred when Marinus was a speaker in a webinar with the theme “Why Papua Issues Internationalized” on Monday (07/13/2020).

302 people will be reported

Marinus claimed to continue to consult with the Cyber ​​Crime Police Headquarters to track the disseminator of the information.

Marinus was concerned because until now no one had apologized.

“As of today, 302 people have been reported to me and no one has apologized,” Marinus said.

A number of Marinus’ colleagues and relatives abroad asked about the truth of his son’s video.

“I see this is too massive to spread, only younger siblings in America and Europe have directly called me asking whether it’s true or not, I appreciate them direct telephone and clarification,” he said.

(Author: Jayapura Contributor, Dhias Suwandi | Editor: Dheri Agriesta)


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