Videos of the meeting of Santos and Timochenko that alarmed Uribistas

Darcy Quinn, journalist from Snail RadioHe pointed out that these meetings are held periodically to monitor the peace process; The recent meeting had the specific intention of “pressuring” Rodrigo Londoño, known as Timochenko, Farc senator Julián Gallo (‘Carlos Antonio Lozada’) and other leaders of the now political party to “tell the whole truth before the Special Justice for Peace (JEP).”

The visit was also known because Gustavo Rugeles, a renowned uribista, said that they had told him about the “clandestine” meeting between the former president Juan Manuel Santos and former members of the guerrilla, and went to the house of Christ to record part of the meeting.

Uribista senator José Obdulio Gaviria, critical of the peace agreement, took advantage of one of Rugeles’ recordings to ask himself if perhaps the meeting was to “seek alternatives” that would affect former president Álvaro Uribe.

Rugeles said that he got someone to invite him to the private complex where Christ lives, but the security staff of course prevented him from entering; They also did not allow him to take photographs of the license plates of the cars, which was one of the uribista’s purposes, he said.

Fernando Londoño, former minister but of the government of Uribe, also complained about the meeting, Quinn said, apparently being a neighbor of Christ.

Christ, for his part, scoffed at the conspiracy theories of the uribism on Blu Radio, and noted that the former Senator Uribe It was not the topic of conversation at the meeting “nor because of the curves.”

“They generate a whole conspiracy theory that is hilarious. I find all the interpretations very funny. […] It shows the degree of schizophrenia in which certain political sectors of the country walk. The same ones who tell Colombia that the peace agreement He gave the country to the Farc when he is governing; precisely the party that opposed the agreements and manages most of the institutions, ”said the former official.

He added that this meeting was held on his private property and no one, who was not invited, had the right to enter, except by force.


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