Business Viennese startup "testFRWD" wants to save the event industry...

Viennese startup “testFRWD” wants to save the event industry with COVID19 gurgle test

Shopify, the provider of online shopping systems, can confidently win the Corona-Krise see. More than a million dealers in 175 countries worldwide – 100,000 in Europe – are now using the cloud-based sales system. According to the company, it has already generated over $ 155 billion in sales. Since the lockdown, some restaurants have also been won as customers who offer their meals for pick-up. And now a few “Den of the Lions” participants have been incorporated, for whom a cloud-based shopping system is a necessity, according to European boss Roman Rochel.


“Shopify is an ‘all-in-one’ solution for online retailers and is generally ideal for all types of businesses. With us, retailers can design, set up and manage their shops for a wide range of sales channels such as the web, mobile applications and pages, social media, marketplaces, stationary retail and pop-up stores, ”explains Rochel.

Without IT knowledge to the online shop

Retailers, especially in the d2c area, would benefit from the simplicity of the system and set up a professional online shop within a very short time, the European boss added. “And that without any IT knowledge. This is a decisive factor because it allows you to concentrate on your core business: the manufacture and sale of your products. “

Shopify is cloud based

Rochel argues against its own servers in this area and is clearly in favor of the cloud, which would primarily benefit DHDL startups. He says, “One of the key advantages of Shopify is that the system is cloud-based. This has many advantages, for example dealers can access their data anytime and anywhere. Another plus point is the high scalability of cloud-based shops. Every shop can grow at its own pace with Shopify, and rapid growth does not affect performance. “

When the traffic suddenly increases

Access peaks, such as those that occur when startups occur at “Die Höhle der Löwen”, are also easily buffered by the system without the customer noticing, as the former Managing Director International Operations at Houzz emphasizes. “It can intercept up to 250,000 simultaneous visitors. This capacity is available to every Shopify user – regardless of their tariff – right from the start. “