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Viggo Mortensen apologizes for using the word N during the "Green Paper" selection panel



Viggo Mortensen remembers what he did after receiving an Oscan nomination for "Captain Fantastic".

LOS ANGELES (AP) – Actor Viggo Mortensen apologized for using a racial insult during a panel discussion on his new film "Green Book".

Mortensen, who is white, appeared on Wednesday at the event with his co-star, Mahershala Ali, and director Peter Farrelly.

Mortensen said Thursday's Hollywood Reporter was pointing out that many people randomly used the tying in 1962, when the film took place. He says he has "no right to imagine the harm caused by hearing the word in any context." He says he meant "to speak loudly against racism" and regrets that he used the word.

In "Green Book", Mortensen's character is hired to lead an African-American pianist on a concert tour in the south.

The film is out in theaters this month.

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