Viking finds in the Swedish mountain home are causing a stir

The incident took place last year in the mountainous areas of Jämtland just over the border from Trøndelag, writes SVT.

The mountaineer was about to set up his tent and moved on a rock when he found the brooch lying under it. He took the brooch home with him, but it was only this year that the archaeologists were notified of the find. On Thursday this week, the archaeologists carried out investigations at the discovery site, which is being kept secret.

There they found a further brooch, in addition to bone remains. It is about the remains of a woman, which means that it is the first time that a female Viking grave has been found in the Swedish mountain home, says chief archaeologist Anders Hansson at the Jamtli museum in Östersund to Swedens radio.

The find was so unusual and significant that a larger excavation is planned to take place during the next year, says Hansson.

– The grave has been there for 1,200 years, so it will probably manage for another year, says Hansson.

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