"Viking Sky" in danger: night evacuation in the open sea


Off the coast of Norway, the evacuation of the "Viking Sky" cruise ship continues. Passengers are transported in small groups in helicopters. Apparently a car could be repaired in the meantime.

Off the coast of Norway, the evacuation of the stranded cruise ship "Viking Sky" is underway. Bad weather, high waves and night make the rescue operation difficult. Several helicopters and ships are in use. The evacuation is expected to last all night.

At 22.40 clock 155 people were taken overboard, said the spokesman for the Norwegian rescue service, Per Fjeld. The passengers would have been individually with a winch on board the pulled helicopter and then flown towards the coast. The people on board the "Viking Sky" were safe, he clarified. "The ship has anchored," said another emergency services spokesman, Einar Knudsen, the Norwegian NRK radio.

According to the maritime traffic website, two tugs and two offshore suppliers are located near the passenger ship.

Apparently there are no Germans on board

The 915 passengers arrive, according to official figures, from 16 states, most of them from Great Britain and the United States. According to information provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, according to the current state of knowledge, no German citizen suffers. In total, 1373 passengers and crew members were on board before the start of the evacuation.

A repaired onboard engine

The cruise ship had become unable to maneuver Saturday afternoon about two kilometers from the coast of western Norway due to an engine failure and had interrupted an emergency call. He was coming from Tromsø, in the north of Norway, to Stavanger in the south.

According to several news agencies, at least one cruise ship machine could be repaired. The "Viking Sky" was delivered in 2017 by the manufacturer Fincantieri of Trieste at the Norwegian operator Viking Ocean Cruises.

Cargo in difficulty

The waters of Hustadvika are located in Kristiansund, on the central western coast of Norway and are considered a dangerous sea area with numerous small islands and cliffs. Naval accidents occurred more frequently in the region.

The small merchant "Hagland Captain" wanted to participate in the rescue operation and led the "Viking Sky" management when it also suffered an engine failure. The ship got a list and got into trouble. The crew would have flown away, the rescue service said.

The lake in the region is still very rough. Two ships from the sea rescue service had to reverse course, the organization said. According to the calculations of the Norwegian meteorologists, however, the storm should decrease in the night.



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