Villarreal 1 – Real Madrid 1: Mariano accelerates and Zidane stops

Mariano accelerates and Zidane stops. A goal from the Spanish-Dominican after two minutes and some changes that weakened Madrid from the French coach caused the white team not to go beyond the draw (1-1) against Villarreal at La Cerámica after a penalty from Courtois to Chukwueze was transformed by Gerard Moreno putting the tables on the scoreboard.

Madrid went from more to very less, and Villarreal, spurred on by his changes and by a phenomenal Gerard Moreno, ended up intimidating the whites. Fair and long-suffering draw, but from this Madrid, despite the absences, we must demand more.

As Madrid faced the game with a few casualties, some left the ground flooded. The absences of Sergio Ramos, Casemiro and Benzema, part of the spine masonry, they provoked the immense cry of those who did not learn what Jose Mourinho said in his day when he was training this team: “I do not cry for injuries, it is football.”

And when the game had barely started, Mariano headed in the plate in the small area a center from Dani Carvajal who more than a goal was stepping on it. Or what cry. 0-1 in minute two, in a play in which it could have been offside in a pass to Lucas Vázquez that did not reach the Galician and that, therefore, did not intervene in the play.

Mariano’s thing is worth studying. Or Benzema, as you prefer. With the French, Madrid circulates in a representation car. In a Rolls Royce, leather, hardwoods, velvet, not a sound. But there are times when Zidane’s guys need to go in a Ferrari or a Lamborghini, have the engine noise in their backs, make the tires screech, go full blast.

If with Karim Madrid plays and plays and unchecks and unchecks, with Mariano Madrid plays at full speed. A bit like with Cristiano. But of course, Cristiano was Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes AMG and Mariano is a Chevrolet Camaro: it goes fast, it’s cool, but it’s not the same. Its technical limitations, yes, cannot ignore that it gives absolutely everything on the lawn. And that is, and nothing else, what is required of a player of the thirteen-time European champion.

The first half, beyond Mariano’s goal, served to check the Hazard ankles elasticity (Mario Gaspar insisted on testing it on each divided ball) and to observe how with Kroos-Modric-Odegaard in the middle he can also defend well. Y no need for Casemiro, at least while holding their breath.

The three maintained a tremendous percentage of effectiveness although they suffered from the edge: Madrid found more occasions (few, in any case) in the incorporations of Carvajal and in the ramshackle appearances of a Lucas Vázquez who in defense was, also Agustina de Aragón, working for all his companions

Only Gerard Moreno, a loss for Mendy, was spicy at Villarreal. But it was so little that only a high end of Parejo He was headed for some danger before the two teams headed down the changing room tunnel. His was the clearest occasion of the yellow team ten minutes after the restart: a catastrophic mistake by Kroos On a goal kick, he allowed the yellow striker to receive a filtered ball that he finished off hard, but excessively crossed against Courtois, forgiving the tie. Madrid, at that time, began to weigh the many kilometers of the national teams and the few kilometers that they had barely counted until then.

At that stage of the game, Hazard was already a specter. It only appeared in the photo because of Mario Gaspar’s insistence earlier in testing his resilience to tapping his ankle. The Belgian is getting a Kaka face, and I also play. Of the Kaká madridista, to be specified. The body, for the moment, does not accompany the impression.

Emery took the opportunity to shake the hornet’s nest and he made a triple change by putting Yeremi, Estupiñán and Samu, and the latter warned as soon as he left, ten minutes before a tremendous center from the second was sent by Parejo to Castellón, and then another deflected shot from Albiol. Going out with the three points of the Estadio de La Cerámica pointed to a miracle because Madrid lived submerged in overwhelm while the batteries of Kroos and Modric were running low.

Zidane’s blunder with the changes

The dissident Isco, to all this, I was already on the field, but with trout. That difference in his game compared to what the Norwegian was giving may have something to do with how badly Zidane’s men had it in that stretch of the game. Vinicius, by the way, he also came off the bench, but it was The invisible man: Zidane was not successful with the changes, because it left Madrid helpless before its anguish.

The tragedy was unleashed with a stupid penalty, for measuring wrong, from Courtois. A pass that seemed very long from Estupiñán was run by Chukwueze and the Belgian knocked him down. Gerard Moreno transformed the penalty with a slow-motion run, full of suspense. Draw and fifteen minutes ahead, and a scare from the Spanish international himself, ruined by a Varane who was very fast to avoid the goal.

Asensio came out of false nine, Emery had the good taste to put a couple of minutes to Take Kubo, who had time to give Courtois a good scare, and the game died with Madrid with shaking shins and Villarreal smiling for a draw that tastes like glory.


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