Villavicencio’s wife accuses the Ecuadorian State and correísmo of the assassination: "I don’t want to think they sold him to be infamously murdered"

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Veronica Sarauz, The wife of Fernando Villavicencio, the candidate for the Presidency of Ecuador who was assassinated last Wednesday, this Saturday blamed the State for the death of her husband due to lack of protection and correísmo.

“The State is directly responsible for the murder of my husband, Fernando Villavicencio,” said Sarauz at a press conference in Quito, who according to the candidate’s close family she had been separated from him for six years.

Sarauz assured that the “State has to give many answers about what happened” and denounced a lack of protective measures against the one who was still her husband, who was shot several times as he left a rally at a school in Quito on Wednesday afternoon.

“I don’t want to think that they sold my husband to be murdered in an infamous way,” the Ecuadorian woman conjectured, who did not provide evidence about the complaints made against the State and against correísmo, of which Villavicencio had become his staunch enemy as a result of the complaints he filed against them.

“I want to tell correísmo (…) that they are all direct or indirect responsible of my husband’s death, but it was in this government that my husband died and it is the one that has to give explanations,” argued Sarauz, who arrived at the press conference wearing a bulletproof vest and helmet and flanked by a security member wearing rifle.

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