Vilnius was outraged by higher stuck prices in a well – known clothing store: traders explain the reason Life

Saw increased clothing prices

Kristina from Vilnius with her daughter on June 6th. went shopping in the Ozo shopping center. When they went to the Stradivarius store, they bought several items, but when they returned home, the woman paid more attention to the prices of clothes. According to her, new stickers were affixed to the labels, which reflected the lower prices of the old ones.

“Because we bought more than one item, I didn’t pay attention to the labels in the store,” he says 15min the editor contacted Kristina. – I was very surprised – it sticks to the top without any scratches, and that’s it. I’ve seen it done before through sales, but then I tried to stick it with strong glue so I wouldn’t see old prices and peel off.

And now it even shines. Very shocked. Is there already such a rate with rising prices, or is something abnormal happening when prices are manipulated in this way … ”

Photo of personal album / New prices have been posted in “Stradivarius” store

Vilnius residents are considering that the store may not have sold older clothes, so they had to stick to new prices.

“As far as I bought things, I saw higher prices. But I can’t say if that’s the case with all the goods, “says Kristina.

Photo of personal album / New prices have been posted in “Stradivarius” store

As an example, she cites a T-shirt she had bought for € 7.99 and now for € 9.99, other T-shirts for € 5.99, now € 7.99, a backpack for € 19 and now 25.99 euros.

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“Things like that are happening now,” Kristina says with a sad smile.

June 8 The Vilnius woman visited another shopping center, Panorama, where she was surprised again by visiting the New Yorker store. This time she saw an old price stamped with a marker and a sticker with a new one on one of her shirts. It can be seen that the price of the t-shirt was 2.99 euros, and now it costs more in euros.

“I found the T-shirt next to the sale,” says Kristina, adding that she was not specifically looking for other changes in clothing prices.

He claims that he did not raise prices

Tadas Marčiukaitis, Communications Manager of the Baltic clothing retail group Apranga, which owns the Stradivarius store, commenting 15min The photos sent by Kristina, a reader, say that in this case, the sticker with a higher price than indicated on the label was due to the fact that the price of these goods is different in each country.

In Stradivarius chain stores, the main label is for goods sold on the domestic market (Spain). In each country where the franchise or other model of cooperation is used, stickers are affixed at a price corresponding to the domestic market of that country.

Differences in the prices of different goods may be caused by the applied additional franchise taxes, logistics costs and other taxes arising from the different tax policies of the countries, ”comments T.Marčiukaitis.

We also tried to contact the New Yorker store. An email request was made, but we haven’t received a response to the email. After receiving the comment, we will supplement the article.

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