Vinokur responded to the voices of a divorced daughter


The cause of Anastasia with the producer Grigori Matveyevich entered the Court of Presnensky

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Vladimir Winokur refused to comment on the rumors of his daughter's divorce with her husband, the producer Grigory Matveyevich. A harsh reaction from a well-known satirical writer was caused by the information that Anastasia Vinokur's divorce case was registered by the Moscow Presnensky Court.

Vinokur responded to the voices of a divorced daughter

photo: Lilia Sharlovskaya

"I never comment on family matters of my relatives and colleagues," Vladimir Natanovich said in a telephone conversation with the correspondent "MK". Anastasia Vinokur herself gave journalists even more vague comments.

The Bolshoi Ballet soloist called the coincidences about his divorce with the Black Star producer a coincidence and a mistake. However, on April 8, Presnensky's Moscow Court registered Vinokur's claim against Matveyevich. As the lawyers explain, the couple's appeal to the district court says that, apart from divorce, they have a dispute over the children. Otherwise, the couple would file a lawsuit with the magistrate.

The lawyers have suggested that the couple of stars may, through the courts, determine the order of communication with the common child or the place of residence of the child after the dissolution of the marriage. At the same time, the photos in both spouses' social networks seem to say they're fine.

A month ago, a couple exposed the common blows of a beach vacation. And two weeks ago on the page of Grigoriy Matveevich was a photo that hugged with his wife. The request for court production has not yet been accepted. By law, the judge has five days to do so.



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