Violence in football. A flare injured two children, a fan broke the corner flag against the goalkeeper

Such scenes really do not belong in football. About the 19th minute of the match between Goztepe and Altay was played, when a flare flew into the home sector from the side sector. She seriously injured one man in the face and chest. The “fans” of the visitors were so cunning that they lit a smokestack in their part of the stand beforehand so that it would not be seen who threw the flare.

An ambulance had to come for the injured man and the match was stopped. Some of the players then watched the medics intervene, including the visitors’ goalkeeper Ozan Özenç. He became another victim of crazy rowdies.

One of them burst onto the pitch and attacked the unsuspecting goalkeeper from behind with a corner flag. He hit him on the head with great force, and before the others could pacify the attacker, he gave him one more blow across the back. In the end, the corner flag went over the goalkeeper. The attacker was then detained by the police.

Göztepe later commented on the serious incident on Twitter. “We wish a speedy recovery to our fans who were seriously injured by a flare fired from the away stand,” read the statement, which said two children were believed to be among the injured.

According to some information, 21 people were detained in connection with the violence. The match has ended and it is not yet clear when it will be played again. However, many are calling for both teams to play with empty stands until the end of the season.

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