Violent door blow in Florida to a woman who was with her son

Last night, three criminals slammed a door on a woman who was manning a vehicle with a three-year-old child, while she was parking it near her home, located on Oaki and Froilán Roa streets, in the commune of Florida.

According to the victim, the three subjects were armed with firearms, threatening her and pointing her to get out of the car and steal the keys. The woman only reacted to rescue her son, who was in the back seat, in a special chair.

One of the criminals, after several unsuccessful attempts, managed to start the vehicle and flee together with his accomplices and various species of women.

Thus, the East Metropolitan Prosecutor’s Office ordered that the East Robbery Brigade of the PDI carry out investigations to investigate the site of the event and find relevant information to find the whereabouts of the antisocials.

The police officers carried out a registration of witnesses and raised security cameras in the sector to find out what the dynamics of the events were like.


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