Viral 17-year-old girl’s mother is proud that her son graduated from high school and got married: the important thing is that there is a boy

BANGKAPOS.COM — A beautiful girl who just Graduated from high school viral on social media (social media).

It happened after the high school girl who just Graduated It was known that he immediately got a husband and was approved by his mother.

The mother is proud if her child nikah time.

“Others after graduation immediately continue to study, my son after graduation immediately got a husband.

There’s nothing wrong with a bad report card with no A, the important thing is to get a boy,” said a mother from Malaysia about her daughter, Shakilla Miezam (17).

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The sentence was uploaded on a TikTok account named @killamiezam05, quoting from Mstar on Monday 10 June 2022.

Shakilla was engaged on June 11, 2022 (Mstar)

When contacted by Mstar, a girl from Terengganu, Malaysia it tells the full story.

Shakilla was engaged to her lover on March 11, 2022.

Shakilla admitted the engagement was held with the consent of both sides of the family.

At first, Shakilla and her boyfriend named Nazirul planned marry next year.

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