Viral 2 women fall from a swing on a cliff, this is what happened

The swing hit a pole before losing control and dropping the passenger. – A video that shows the horrific events experienced by two women while traveling on rides swing viral on social media.

In the video uploaded by the Twitter account @sooaratv, Friday (16/7/2021) two women were seen climbing a large swing located above cliff over 6000 feet high.

In another upload belonging to the Twitter account @Random_Uncle _UK, it is explained that the terrible event occurred in Sulak Canyon, Dagestan region, Russia.

In the uploaded video, a man can be seen pushing a swing behind two women riding on a swing. While several other tourists stood waiting for their turn to ride the swing.

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The first push, everything is still running normally. Unfortunately, on the next push, the swing seat hit the swing post until the rope broke.

Two women who climbed the swing then fell from the swing chair and almost fell into a ravine. Luckily they were able to make an emergency landing on a wooden plank attached to the outside of the cliff.

Launching from ndtv.comThe victim was traumatized and physically injured in the accident. The police are said to have started an investigation to determine the cause.

The local tourism ministry has also submitted a statement that the swing does not meet safety standards.

Woman nearly fell into a cliff while riding a swing (twitter)

The video has gone viral on various social media platforms. In the upload, several netizens made comments. Some of them called the incident the result of carelessness.

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“Recklessness and indifference,” said one netizen.

“Swinging at 6000 feet without a seat belt should not be done, the person behind him is also pushing in the wrong direction,” said another netizen.

“Swinging without a seat belt, completely ignoring the risk,” said another netizen.


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