Viral Actors Formerly Famous Now Selling Used Goods in the Market, Here’s the Story


An actor’s fame is unpredictable. Many actors who were once famous and often appear on the screen choose to change professions for various reasons. One of them is like the story of the following actor.

The story of the actor went viral after he was found unconscious while selling used goods at the Ladprao 71 area market in Bangkok, Thailand. Initially, no one recognized him, but after checking, apparently he was a famous actor in Thailand, especially in the 90s.

Reported Wolipop from Saostar, the viral actor is Ryu Arhit. In the widely circulated photo, Ryu Arhit is lying unconscious on the market floor. Several officers were seen checking his condition.

After receiving first aid, Ryu was taken to the hospital for more intensive treatment. According to the examination results, Ryu’s blood sugar was very low. The doctor also said Ryu was too weak to walk and needed further monitoring.

Apparently, Ryu Arhit is now experiencing a difficult life after not appearing on the screen for a long time. Ryu is also known to have no home, no savings, and no job that guarantees a living. Therefore, he is forced to sell used goods at the market or on the side of the road.

Ryu Arhit is known to have been born in 1978. He used to be one of the famous actors in the 90s. She has starred in a number of popular projects, filming MVs, modeling magazine covers, advertisements, as well as presenting TV programs.

Not only that, in the midst of his busy life as an actor, Ryu has also completed his education and graduated with a bachelor’s degree. Ryu is known to have 3 children, 2 of them from the first wife.

Ryu’s two marriages ended in divorce. After that several relatives had revealed that Ryu was mentally unstable and showed signs of bipolar. Ryu then underwent years of treatment to cure the disease. This then made Ryu bankrupt.

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