World Viral: Harpy Eagle, the majestic animal that some may...

Viral: Harpy Eagle, the majestic animal that some may mistake for a

In the circulates the photo of a large bird that has not been slow to turn . Due to its measurements, several users believed that the material in question is false and that it is a person in disguise; however, the specimen is real and is known as a harpy eagle.

It is known for being one of the largest birds in the world. It can reach two meter wingspan with open wings and weighs between four and nine kilograms (the female doubles the weight of the male).

Its claws are not far behind. Like their body, they can expand more than 13 centimeters and be larger than the human hand.

Its natural habitat is the rain forest and it tends to abound in the southeast of Mexico, some Central American countries, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Brazil, Paraguay and the north of Argentina.

They are characterized by maintaining a carnivorous diet and can carry up to 70% of their own weight. Animals such as monkeys, coatis, and sloths are their main prey.

Although it can live between 25 and 35 years (some reach 40), it is a species in danger of extinction Well, according to experts, they are repeatedly threatened by poachers who look for their feathers, even though they are a protected species.



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