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Through the social networks, the case of Ben Gulliver, a 20-year-old Englishman who lost his job during the pandemic, but that he managed to become a successful entrepreneur after starting his own venture. Thanks to this business, he has managed to generate 270 thousand dollars in his best month.

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His success story begins, curiously, when he was fired from his job as a consultant at a hairdressing studio in Romford. Far from sitting idly by, the young man managed to get ahead. That is how he decided to start selling dental cleaning supplies, which were difficult to access because, due to the quarantine, dentists’ offices were closed.

This business allowed him to make up to $ 16,000 in one day. Seeing the good results, he decided to sell his venture to an American investor for a sum of 5 figures. Later, he invested this money to market gym equipment and other products through Amazon.

In his best month as a salesperson for these products, Gulliver earned $ 270,000 in revenue. In another month, he traded shares worth $ 135,000.

According to the British newspaper The Sun, the young man managed to generate a million dollars in just 10 months. To do this, he required a computer, a telephone, and an Internet connection. Another interesting fact: at first, he started working from his parents’ garage, but now he works from his own office in Bewdley.

“I started doing YouTube research to see what commercial projects I could do. I started thinking about what people would need during the confinement and my first idea was to buy and sell a dental plaque cleaning device because all the dentists were closed. “said Gulliver, who from a young age began to show his talent as an entrepreneur. And, at age 14, he sold clothes online, earning $ 1,400 a month.

Then “I kept selling fitness equipment because people were exercising more from home with the gyms closed. I’ve made over $ 1 million so far, even though it’s really income, not profit. But I am very surprised “, he acknowledged.

Gulliver is now looking to get involved in real estate. He assured that he would like to buy a house, fix it and sell it.

Finally, he sent a message to young people seeking to shape their own path: “I want to help young people start their businesses and give them advice. All they need is that boost to get started. As long as you have a laptop or a phone and the Internet, you can start a business. I managed to do it from my room at my parents’ house. “.

“My advice to those who want to follow their dreams is never to give up on doing what they are passionate about”added.


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