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[VIRAL] Owner of “giant rat” allegedly found in CDMX drain appears

The owner of the “Giant rat” apparently found in a CDMX drain (Mexico City) has come to light to tell the truth about what happened to a rat stuffed animal whose appearance went viral on social networks.

The Mexican youtuber Yulay was in charge of interviewing the owner of the giant rodent figure that went viral on social networks. Different users on the internet assured that it was an object found in a drain.

What happened to the “giant rat” of CDMX?

Evelin, owner of the fictitious rat, told Yulay that at no time was the “rat” in the drain and the photographs shared on social networks were taken in front of her own house while they washed the giant object after the floods that occurred in CDMX in the past September 15.

Initially, believe me we didn’t even know. We saw that the police took photos and everything, but that was until there. And all of a sudden my friends start saying to me: “Hey, isn’t that your rat? Isn’t it there in your house? (…) And that’s when I see that they start to get news, to say that according to they took it out of the ravine and everything. But no, they actually grabbed us when we were cleaning it. “, said the owner of the giant object.

In addition, Evelin said that the object was not responsible for the obstruction in the drainage of the place. We always try to be very clean because we know the risk of a dirty ravine, but they caught us cleaning ithe explained.

Floods in CDMX

In addition to clarifying the matter about the “giant rat”, the youtuber Yulay conducted different interviews to show the problems of the floods generated in that sector, where even a house was covered to the top by the flood water and one of its inhabitants died from the event. A neighbor of the area said that the contamination has caused the clogging of the drains.


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