VIRAL Silver Man Arrested by Satpol PP, Turns out to be Retired Police, Kapolda Takes Action

TRIBUN-MEDAN.COM – Viral on social media, a manusia silver secured by a number of civil service police (Satpol PP) from the highway.

The silver man was put into the patrol car.

The location is mentioned in Semarang City, Central Java.

Now, identity manusia silver such is already known.

Turns out, he is a retired National Police named Agus Dartono.

He finds begging by being manusia silver on the road.

In a video circulating on social media, Agus admitted that he was indeed a manusia silver.

He was willing to do that because he saw other people so easy to get money.

“I don’t have money, look for money and keep getting Rp. 20,000 instead of holding the Satpol PP. Then I said I was a former police officer,” Agus said in the video.

At first, the Satpol PP was conducting raids on several roads in Semarang City.

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